Balmoral Renewal Project Update – 23rd February 2021

Jai Shri Mataji!

Dear Family,

Our Sahaja team of dedicated building and labourers are living on site at Balmoral to continue work on Balmoral’s Renewal Project.

We wish to share the latest news and photos:

  • The Bush fires destroyed over 3.6 kilometers of boundary and internal fencing, one of the biggest components of the remediation Project has been the massive work to replace all the fencing.
  • For the boundary fencing, we are upgrading from the star post and wire fencing to a higher standard wooden fencing and gates.
  • A bushfire will destroy a steel post and wire fence due to the heat so a wooden fence is just a good option. We are  replacing the basic wire fence that was there previously as the boundary fencing.
  • Work is also continuing to install the new roof on the Shed/Workshop building .
  • New Havan area near the dam is now completed.
  • The masonry work for the new entrance portal is also completed. We just have to manufacture and install the new Iron Gates.
  • Work will also continue to fell the trees that were killed by the fire and to arrange for their cleanup
  • As part of the Project, we will also replace the chairs and carpets in the Puja Hall which are very tired and well past their used by dates.

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Guru Puja Balmoral 4th July 2020

With Love
Brett, on behalf of the Balmoral renewal project team and Trustees.

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