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Date: 21st June 2020

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Physical distancing
In accordance with public health directives it is essential that to ensure Yogis maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters from other Yogis, a limit of one person per four square meters of main hall floor space is permitted.  Those attending an event at Burwood agree undertake to do the following and not ask the residents to take up any of these responsibilities in these arrangements for hosting an event

COVID-19  safe use check list

  • Social distancing 1.5m
  • Hand washing
  • Hand sanitising
  • Due to restrictions on the use of Burwood’s there would be a maximum 20 people visiting
  • Non-contact activities only

Recommendations for Yogis  to keep physical distancing in check:

  • Remind Yogis of the physical distancing requirements at the beginning as well as periodically during the program, whilst actively ensuring Yogis are adequately spread out around the venue.
  • Ask Yogis to soon after the program and not to stay any longer than they need other than to attend the program, social activity can be conducted after the program off site.
  • Use one driveway access door for entry and another for exiting.
  • Limit number of persons utilising the kitchen and toilet areas at any one time

Personal hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting is a public health recommendation to minimise the transmission of

COVID-19. Frequent washing of hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and items handled by multiple people will reduce transmission of the virus.

After the program please   clean/sanitise frequently touched surfaces including doorknobs, push plates, light switches, handles, taps, sinks, toilets.

Clean and sanitize any  Foot Soak buckets used, clean the bathrooms and wipe down all surfaces where activities have taken place .

Please vacuum the meditation room, Hallway and sun roon and   leave Burwood in a clean and hygienic condition, including any tables and chairs utilised. Please bring your own disinfectant wipes or disinfecting solutions and disposable paper towel and make available to those attending

Please encourage all  Yogis  to wash or utilise hand sanitiser upon their arrival and exit  from Burwood, as well as periodically whilst attending the program

Public health recommendations is to please advise all people to stay at home if they are unwell or display any symptoms of COVID-19.  If any Yogis planning to attend is unwell please  instruct them to stay at home.

Prior to the beginning of  the program, it is recommended  you contact everyone who is likely to attend   to provide the following information.  Instruction to stay at home should they feel unwell, have symptoms of COVID-19, suspect they may have been infected with COVID-19 (including close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19) or been advised

Contact Tracing
Contact tracing is undertaken by public health authorities and is key in managing COVID-19 and reducing transmission of the virus throughout the community.

To support public health authorities, it is recommended that you keep a records of names and contact details using the attached Contact Tracing sheet for all the Yogis who attended  the program.

Please keep this information with you during the program if an identified local authority asks you to produce the contact tracing information.