2006 Visit

Australian Visit 2006

On 14th January 2006, Shri Mataji arrived in Sydney Australia for a 3 month visit with Her family. Many, many events were held during this auspicious time including Birthday Puja, a Public Program as Sydney Town Hall, 59th Wedding Anniversary and many music evening programs.

Below is a video and photo compilation of these events capturing those special moments with our Divine Mother.

Looking at these events, these were some of the best days of Sahaja Yoga in Australia, and for many of us, these were our best times of times and those of the collectively before the Feet of Shri Mataji.

Australian Visit 2006 Videos

Australian Visit 2006 Photos

2006 Events with Shri Mataji
2006 Burwood renovations

Prior to Shri Mataji’s 2006 visit, the Australian collective gathered at Her Burwood Ashram in Sydney to renovate Her temple. The renovations were commenced in November 2005 and were completed as Shri Mataji arrived in Sydney on 14th January 2006.