Making financial contributions in NSW

Making financial contributions in NSW

For Dakshina payments: We encourage everyone to pay their Dakshina online, as a recurring payment on the 1st of every month (unless another day of the month is more suitable for you).  It is very important to mark that payment as “Dakshina <Your initial and Surname>” for e.g. “Dakshina J. Smith” in the comments sections so that half of that can be sent to our national accounts. Of course, if you prefer to pay your Dakshina at the puja that is also fine.

Donations for the spreading of Sahaja Yoga and other expenses for NSW: These donations are important for the running of Sahaja Yoga in NSW to help us fund hall hire, online promotions, insurance etc.  It is very important to mark these payments as “SYNSW  <Your initial and Surname>” for e.g. “SYNSW J. Smith”.  Previously we did not require the use of  “SYNSW” but this helps us to ensure that these funds are routed to the right account and avoids confusion, making life easier for our accounts team. If you are currently using the word “Donations” in the comments or reference, please replace that with “SYNSW” as that is more specific.  We recommend scheduling these as monthly recurring payments as well.

Bank account to deposit into for NSW contributions:

Bank: ANZ
BSB:  012 245
Account number: 2217 67344
Account: Life Eternal Trust – NSW Promotions

Please contact the NSW Councillors if you have any queries.