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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance Cover for Public Programs

This information is for all Yogis who are holding public and collective programs in halls, schools, festivals and homes.


All current Public Liability Insurance Certificates expire 30th June 2024.
If you have not done so already, please apply for a new Certificate by 29th June 2024, using the Request Form link below.

Public Liability Insurance Request Form

Why do we need Public Liability Insurance?

All Sahaja Yoga Australia public and collective programs and events need to be covered by our collective Public Liability Insurance (PLI) policy. The policy covers the public and yogis in case there’s an incident that has caused injury to people attending the event.

PLI Certificates are generally required for all public events by the Venue’s manager, as proof that you have a current Public Liability Insurance policy in place. Certificates are not required for events held at Sahaja ashrams and collective properties but must be registered with us for cover. Yogis holding programs in their homes are expected to arrange their own PLI Cover. Although these cannot be covered by our national public liability policy, we will add them to our records.

All Yogis running public programs must also have a current Working With Children Check (WWCC) approval. See more about WWCC here.

How to obtain Public Liability Insurance Cover and Certificate.

  1. Complete the Request for Public Liability Insurance Cover Form below. You can also request a PLI Certificate (if it is required).
  2. Note: You will be required to list all Sahaja yogis participating in your Program/Event. All Yogis must have a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC) to participate. You will need each person’s full Name, WWCC Number and Expiry Date to complete the form.
  3. After you have submitted your request, it will be forwarded to your State’s Councillors for review and approval.
  4. Once approved, they will notify our Public Liability Insurance Team.
  5. The PLI Team will record your program in our PLI register and create the PLI Certificate (if it is required). 
  6. PLI Team will notify you that the program has been registered and will issue you with the PLI Certificate so you can provide it to the Venue manager. You should not commence a program until you have been notified.
  7. If the program is a new program, Councillors will advise the web team to add the new program to the national website. All Programs are listed here.

If you have any questions, please see State Contacts for Public Liability Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance Request Form

Please use the link below to register your program for insurance cover and to request a PLI Certificate.


HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Public program, 27 February 1992, Sydney Town Hall