Hosting a Fitzroy Hall Program

Hosting a Program at Fitzroy Hall

For the time being, collective programs are held at: 

Fitzroy Hall
22 Church Street Burwood
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Fitzroy Hall is located in Woodstock Park in the street directly behind Burwood Ashram. For parking, enter via Fitzroy Street.
The Hall is available from 5pm to 10pm. Programs start at 6:30pm.

Items to bring to Fitzroy Hall

Roster groups need to bring the following items from Burwood Ashram to Fitzroy Hall for the collective programs. Shri Mataji’s van is available for moving all necessary items to the Hall.

1. From Burwood’s front room (end of hallway):

  • 2-3 Saris to decorate table and chair for Shri Mataji
  • Photo of Shri Mataji
  • Photo of Shri Mataji’s Divine Lotus Feet

2. From Burwood Kitchen (in cupboards right of fridge)

  • Swipe access card to Fitzroy Hall (Swipe card is in the silver box on the top shelf of the left-side cupboard)
  • Trays for flowers to be offered
  • Prasad plates
  • Shri Mataji’s plate for Prasad
  • Lamp
  • Wicks
  • Oil for lamp

3. From Burwood Laundry

  • Vases
  • Scissors for flowers

4. From Meditation Room

  • Puja items: Small candle and holder, matches, tray, kumkum, rose water, cotton balls, perfume, red cloths, No incense.

Audio/visual equipment & projector

We use the Hall’s audio/visual equipment and video projector. The A/V equipment is located in the cupboard at the front of the Hall on the left side. The cupboard contains a microphone, AV connections and volume control, an AUX audio cable and connection to the video projector.

The Roster Groups need to bring their own Laptop with Video talks and music.

To access the audio/visual equipment, please follow these instructions to access the door key, in the lockbox on the audio/visual cupboard door:

  • Enter the code ‘1213’
  • Pull down the small black lever in the top left-hand corner, while simultaneously pulling the top of the grey face forwards.

Lockbox on the Audio/Visual cupboard door

Note: The Roster Group needs to bring their own Laptop with Video talks and music.