Webcasting Resources

Webcasting Resources

For yogis who are presenting, researching and supporting online public programs.
Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

*** This page is still under development ***

Publications for New People
Meditation and Balancing Guide
Double sided A4 - Self Realisation, balancing and Raising the Kundalini and Bandhan.
Small Information Pamphlet
Double-sided 4 pages, folded size: 100mm H x 70mm W)
Contains overview of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji and meditation.
Intended for people briefly visiting or walking past a Self-Realisation stall at a fair or festival etc.
Download Page 1
Download Page 2
Meditation Card
Contains information on how to meditate, affirmations and balancing.
Intended for people who have received their Self-Realisation at a program, fair or festival.
‘Welcome to Sahaja Yoga’ Pamphlet
Double-sided 3 pages, folded size: 210mm H x 150mm W
Contains information on Shri Mataji, Affirmations, bandhans and chakra qualities.
Intended for people who have attended several meetings.
Publications for Presenters
Powerpoint with Chakra chart & their Knowledge
PDF version coming.
Affirmations and Mantras
PDF version coming.
The Void
PDF version coming.
Music by Sahaja Yogis and others

Music to play during programs and for new people to download. Go to Music page on our national website.
More coming!

Shri Mataji's Audios for public programs


Online Hard drives with Resources

Content that’s on the Cloud. Content may vary by may have talks, videos, photos, presentations, editing tools etc., Content may vary over time according to the person hosting the content.

Websites for new people
Shri Mataji's Videos for public programs

Go to Download page or view video galley below:



Technical info for Webcasting

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