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2022 International Puja Calendar

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Shri Krishna Puja 2009


29th January 2022

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

The 2022 International Puja calendar from the Central Committee is now available – please see download link below.

The dates have been confirmed but the hosting countries are still awaiting confirmation.

Covid permitting, we can have our traditional in-person National seminars, including Easter (NSW), Guru Puja (Qld), Navaratri (WA) and Diwali (Vic).

The dates and timings for Australia in relation to the moon calendar have been confirmed and all the dates are okay for Australian purposes.

Please note the following:

  • Navaratri: the 26th September 2022 is a new moon so no Pujas should be celebrated on this day.
  • Navaratri nights should start on 27th September until 5th of October. There are 9 nights only, as there is No fourth night.
  • Diwali: 24th October 2022 is a sleep in. When the gates of hell are opened.

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What is Puja

“That is what is puja by which you are blessed by the Divine so that you shoot off should of from all your physical, mental, emotional and the so-called spiritual being, which was seeking into the realm where you have sought.

So, today we must determine that we’ll have no rational activity about it, otherwise you want won’t have the joy of Sahaja Yoga, which is your achievement. Stop rationalizing it. With your heart you do the puja. All these things that you are going to do has very, very great significance, which I’ll explain to you some other time, but that explanation cannot take you too far. It is too minute to enter into the gross understanding. So, best is to absorb it and absorb it and enjoy it. Why do you want to enter into the whole machinery of electricity? You just use the electricity. All machinery is done for you, is prepared for you. Don’t try to envisage it, to conceive it in your little mind. You must know that you have to become the ocean and not try to understand the ocean with the drop of your brain. If you realize that, then you can become the ocean. Your limits are broken by puja and you become one with the unlimited. It blasts you limits and your limitations. Tell your mind not to come and trouble you during puja, then it will work out.
May God bless you! ”

H.H. Shri Mataji – Significance of Puja, Shri Lalita Puja, Paris April 20th, 1980

(Full transcript and audio)