Puja Calendars

2021 Australian Pujas & International Calendars

(HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Birthday Puja, 21 March 2006, Sydney)

Jai Shri Mataji!

We offer to our Divine Mother, the proposed dates below when the Australian collective will humbly perform Pujas during 2021 to Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Her many Divine aspects.

National Seminars are scheduled for Easter and Guru, Navaratri and Diwali Pujas but may be subject to COVID travel restrictions at that time. Please see About the State Seminars below.  

We are also sharing below two International Sahaja Yoga calendars that have more details about auspicious and important days during 2021.

Australian & International 2021 Puja & Seminar Dates

(Each State to determine actual day for Puja when on a weekend.)

10th Anniversary of Shri Mataji's Mahasamadhi
Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Day of silent meditation and introspection.

Shivaratri Puja
Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th March 2021
(Shivaratri Day Thursday 11th March 2021)

Birthday Puja
Sunday 21st March 2021

Australian Easter Puja & Seminar
Friday 2nd to Monday 5th April 2021
National Seminar & Puja at Balmoral Ashram NSW
(Ashram is located 110 kms south west of Sydney)
More details & webcasts on Australian Easter Puja 2021 Website

International Easter Puja & Seminar
Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th April 2021
Hosting countries of Australia, Israel and Palestine, Russia, Spain & Ukraine.
More details & webcasts on International Easter Puja 2021 Website

International Shri Mahavira Puja Seminar
17th to 25th April 2021
9 day blessings of Meditation, Music, Havan and Puja
Hosting Countries: Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore
Watch events on website

International Sahasrara Seminar & Puja
Wednesday 5th to Monday 10th May 2021
Morning meditations, Evening programs, Havan, International Sahasrara Puja.
Hosting Countries: Austria, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia.
Watch events on website

National Sahasrara Puja
Saturday 8th or Sunday 9th May 2021
(Sahasrara Day Wednesday 5th May)
See Events Calendar

Shri Adi Shakti Puja
Saturday 26 or Sunday 27th June 2021
(Vat Poornima 23 - 24 June)

Shri Guru Puja
Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th July 2021
National Guru Seminar & Puja in Wamuran Ashram Qld
(Ashram is located 70 kms north of Brisbane)
(Guru Poornima 23rd July 2021)

Shri Krishna Puja
Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th August 2021
(Shri Krishna’s Birthday (Janmashtmi) 30th Aug 2021)

Shri Ganesha Festival & Puja
Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th September 2021
(Shri Ganesha’s Birthday/Chaturthi Sat 10th Sept 2021)
See Shri Ganesha Festival & Puja website

Navaratri Puja
National Saturday 9th October 2021
National Seminar & Puja at Gidgegannup Ashram WA
Watch on YouTube

International Thursday 7th October to Thursday 14th October 2021
International Navaratri Puja Festival & Puja website

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th November 2021
National Seminar & Puja at Hiawatha Ashram Victoria
(Ashram is located 250 kms south west of Melbourne)
(Diwali period 2 - 6 November 2021)

Christmas Puja
Saturday 25th December 2021
(Each State can determine actual day for Puja)
About the State Seminars: Due to the ongoing and often changing virus travel restrictions, for our national seminars, the Councillors of the hosting state will determine whether inviting yogis from inter-state is allowed and if so whether a limit has to be placed on numbers who are allowed to attend. Yogis will need to make their own decision as to whether they wish to attend based on the travel restrictions in place at the time in their state and the state they travel to. Keeping in mind that any travel booked may be affected later if the restrictions change, with the potential need for changes to bookings or even cancellation. Hopefully with the vaccine roll-outs, we can all begin to travel with more confidence as the year progresses.

International Calendar and Important Days  2021 – English and Hindi (Shalivahan)

Download International Calendar and Important Days  2021 – English and Hindi (Shalivahan)

Sahaja Yoga Monthly Calendar 2021

Download International Calendar 2021