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National Child Safety

National Child Safety

Jai Shri Mataji!

Dear Australian Family,

As we are all aware, Shri Mataji has placed Australia as the Mooladhara of the world. As part of our endeavour to fulfill our role in the Virata and also our legal requirements as a religious and charitable movement, we all need to participate in regular Child Safety Training. Please see the link to the training modules and more about Child Safety below.

We would like to remind you that your WWCC/ Police Check/ Green or Blue Card may be about to expire so please check the date on yours and ensure that you apply in plenty of time as some Government Departments may take a while.

As each State has a different process,  please contact your State’s Child Safety Administrators & Coordinators if you are unsure of what to do and they will help you with the process. It is a legal requirement for each yogi 18 years and over to have a WWCC, and by law, we cannot allow anyone to attend who does not have one. This applies to both Pujas and collective programs.

Please keep your card or number safe and handy as you will need it to enrol on any of the Puja registration websites.


Overview of Working With Children Check – WWCC (Duration 6mins)

This short video provides an overview of our WWCC compliance program and why we need to ensure everyone, 18 years and over, has a valid WWCC check when attending our private and public Sahaja Yoga collective events. The video includes a short talk by Shri Mataji about negativity that attacks children.

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Each State has a different process,  so please contact your State’s Child Safety Administrators & Coordinator.

With love,
The Child Protection Team