Roster Groups & Email Addresses

Roster Group List and Group Email Addresses

Roster Group List

Download list of yogis allocated to the NSW Roster Groups.

For any changes or additions to the Roster groups, please contact a NSW Councillor.

Roster Groups Email Addresses

The Sahaja Australia Group Email (SAGE) system makes it easier for Yogis in roster Groups and Councillors to communicate with each other via email when planning for Burwood programs, Pujas or another group duties.

If you are in one of the a roster Groups below, then you can contact everyone in your Group by just sending an email to the Group’s corresponding email address below.

Your email details will be added to the SAGE system by our webteam. To see which Group you are in, download the Group List from the above section. For more information about the system, see About our SAGE System.

Roster Group email addresses: