Announcing the ‘News & Information’ website for Australian Yogis

Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!

We’ve launched this new ‘News & Information’ website for the Australian collective!

About the new website

This website consolidates collective email messages and key information in a single area for Australian Yogis.

The website has a compilation of messages emailed to the collective by the various Australian National and State Councillors. It also has an Information section which includes the 2018 Puja calendar, links to Sahaja websites and the NSW Calendar covering collective events such as, Burwood/Puja group hosting, working bees and group meetings.

The News section provides an opportunity to read the collective messages in a consolidated area, as sometimes we’re too busy to read the original emails in full or we can’t find the emails, because we may deleted them or they have been blocked by the email hosting company such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Who can access it?

The website will be initially trialled with the NSW collective so only NSW news is included with the national news at the moment. Other States may be included in the future.

Where’s the new website?

Go to It has the latest news, in case you missed reading or lost your emails! The link and latest password are included in emails sent to the NSW collective.

Password is: daisy108

Website highlights

  • All the Latest News – National and NSW email messages.
  • NSW News – NSW email messages.
  • NSW Calendar of Events – list of NSW events, including the March and April events in preparation for Easter Seminar plus hosting team dates for Burwood programs.
  • Sahaja Websites – links to Australian and International websites, including those that host Shri Mataji’s audios, videos, transcripts and photos, resources for yogis and medical research.

Will I still receive emails from the Councillors?

Yes! Emails will continue to be sent to the collective. Emails will also be added to the website as soon as possible after being sent to the collective.

I’m not receiving emails from the Councillors

Some yogis are reporting they are not receiving collective emails so please share the website with them while we research the issue with the various email hosting providers.

Who do I contact about the website?

Any feedback or suggested improvements can be sent to: [email protected]

We hope you’ll find the new website useful!

Kind regards,
the Australian and NSW Councillors