About Borotin Kindergarten in 2020 and plans for 2021

Jai Shri Mataji!

Dear Family,

Please see the latest update from the Borotin Sahaja Yoga Kindergarten team.  The Borotín Kindergarten is located in the Czech Republic (Google map).

With Love

About Borotin Kindergarten in 2020 and plans for 2021

Jai Shri Mataji!

Dear brothers and sisters,

We would like to inform you about what happened and was done in Borotin in 2020, thank you for your kind support, then tell you about our plans for 2021 and ask you for your continued generosity. Please, share this with your collectivity as we have selfless supporters in many countries, and with all of them we would like to share this simple information that hopefuly reflect our joy that we can be part of this blessed activity.

Borotin in 2020

Due to the epidemiological situation two terms have taken place this year. Especially during the autumn term everything went smoothly, softly and in a wonderful vibrational atmosphere. We sincerely wish everyone to experience something so wonderfully spiritual under the guidance of Shri Mataji. Apart from the events in Borotin, Shri Adi Shakti gave us time and opportunity to build Her kindergarten. It is difficult to describe what we felt. A beautiful opportunity for many of us, more time off to be together, journeys to the holy place and cool loving vibrations from Shri Mataji when we arrived. We don’t know if anywhere in the world at that time such a blessed activity took place. We believe so. We looked forward to every meeting, work and meditation. The atmosphere was unforgettable. When you do God’s work, you know it, and we knew it.

In the summer, Borotin was opened without restrictions, so several events took place there: An international camp for parents with children, Mom’s camp and Art camp where a lot of people attended. All the events were vibrationally blessed and brought a lot of joy to the participants. At the Art camp a lot of seekers got their self-realization. Art camp was very positively evaluated by the municipality and especially by the participants and local newspaper. This created a beautiful representative image of Sahaja Yoga for the general public.

Now what has been achieved in 2020 (see photos on the link below). Bathroom ceilings were painted with a special thermo paint. We managed to finish a long new sidewalk and parking for cars. There is a new lawn. You will find a couple of nice chalk drawings on the sidewalk. We have a new water and electricity supply to the newly built part of the kindergarten. We started with electrical wiring there. Thanks to our sisters a lot of vegetables and herbs have grown in the garden. On the beautiful oak stairs you can walk under a new roof. Behind a new fire partition you can find a huge space, which we can use. The size of the space is 50 x 7 m.

If you are in the garden and look towards the garden building, you will see a masterpiece of carpenters who made a new shelter along the entire garden building. They also reconstructed the wooden beamed ceiling above the new rooms for children. In addition to this some minor but necessary work has been done. We should know that 85 % of all work done this year was done by volunteers. We would like to thank all of them. Many sahaja yogis help every year and thus help to save a large amount of money.

Expenditures for the above-mentioned work in 2020: 
Expenses (paid invoices) = 708,419 CZK (27,765 EUR)
In the form of donations (electrical material, wood, dredging work – we did not have to pay) = 123,396 CZK (4,823 EUR) 
In the form of work of volunteers/temporary workers: 1,105 hours (eg. 150 CZK/hour) saving another 165,750 CZK (6,470 EUR)

Within two years, we would like to finish new kindergarten classrooms for children. In these areas, education would take place according to the full criteria for kindergartens throughout the Czech Republic and the EU. This is one of the most important and more extensive parts of the development of the kindergarten in Borotin for children from all over the world.

More photos: Album 1  •  Album 2 •  Album 3 •  Album 4

2021: the work schedule is prepared as follows:

In the newly built part for classrooms: basic distribution of water, waste and electricity, interior plaster and minor masonry work, windows + exterior doors, floor heating and concrete/anhydride floor. The work will be done by professional contractors together with our self-help at certain stages. We also have to do a few minor repairs in the area. If anyone would be interested to come for help, please, contact us.

In 2021 the preliminary budget is 2,650,000 CZK (106,000 EUR). Approximately 36% of this sum is available for the beginning of this year. In 2022 the budget for the completion of the classrooms is 1,630,000 CZK (65,200 EUR). We humbly ask Shri Mataji to bless us all with generosity and strong desire to continue to help with the development in Borotin and in all schools in the world.

Thank again to all yogis, yoginis and also to our Yuva Shaktis for all their help, among other things for help with cooking and cleaning.

Everything we have managed to build is also supported by Shri Lakshmi. Thank to all of you for your generous donations! This enables us to continue our work.

We are honored to be able to help in such beautiful Divine work in Borotin and we are glad to be a part of the world SY collectivity that keeps gathering in Borotin.

We look forward to meeting you at our gatherings, but definitely in the Sahasrara.

For your generous donations for the reconstruction in 2021:

Bank details for payments:
IBAN CZ2420100000002900695417
Note to the recipient: Borotin reconstruction (or number 1001)

Or PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8dNg1lBS74

Thank you very much for your attention – for your bandans (it really helps), for any selfless help and informatin sharing (also this email) in your collectivities.

Best regards
Borotin Team

Jai Shri Mataji

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