Proposed Self Realisation Tour of Africa

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Please see a note from the Music Of Joy Team asking for expressions of interest to attend a Tour of Africa in July this year as Africa was cool on vibrations for MOJ to visit this year.

Lyn & Andre

Jai Shri Africeshwari! Jai Shri Mataji!

‘…have to go to areas where so far you have not gone’

“So you have to go to areas where so far you have not gone. For we haven’t got many people from the black race I think, from Africa. So I’m thinking of going next year to Africa to work it out. Also we have so many other areas where I find we have to work it out, that if this compassion is within you then it will compel you, also, to do work that will bring solace to people who are not even seeking.”
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Adi Shakti Puja – Cabella 9th June 1996

Africa Self-Realisation Tour: Request for support

Dear Yogis

UK Yogis have toured Ghana and Kenya on two occasions. There are large collectives of Yogis in North Western region of Africa. The Yogis from Benin invited Music of Joy to come to Africa and to Tour. Each year the vibrations are checked for the countries to tour. We have been checking the vibrations to tour Africa for the last three years.

When vibrations were checked for countries to tour in 2018 earlier this year, the two countries where there were vibrations were for India and Africa. There are plans to tour India at the end of 2018.

The best time to tour Africa would be in July. The purpose of this note is to seek the level of interest from the Collective to support a tour of Africa. If a core team of Yogis, musician and non-musicians alike can come together, then a tour is possible for the first time.

Long-term Goals
  • To give en-masse Self-Realisation and spread Sahaj Yoga in Benin and Ghana
  • To help the collectives to deepen and grow and to encourage them to become more active and dynamic.
  • To host Self Realisation programs in both counties.
  • To help establish Sahaj culture in Benin and Ghana.
Tour Participants

There is interest from the UK and France and from Yogis of African heritage.

The Yogis of Africa have asked us to physically be there in person with them to work it out. We are also from Shri Ganesha’s country. We have a special responsibility to overcome obstacles. To take up Our Divine Mother’s work. As the Yogis of the Mooladhara, we enjoy Shri Ganesha’s protection. It is with Shri Ganesha’s powers that we will be victorious over any the challenges that may come.

For the challenges that may come, our strength comes from within. With Our Mother’s bandhan before us, we can shake off any challenge. Nothing now can keep us from our higher calling . This means sometimes taking up the challenge to go to places to help make this world a better place. As the vibrations were cool to tour to Africa this means Our Mother’s blessings and protection is there if we find the way to make the tour possible

Want to join the Africa Tour?

If you would like to join this Tour or want more information then please email Kevin at [email protected]

Shri Mataji talks about the importance of Africa…

“I was so surprised when I came here that especially Tunis I felt was full of Divine vibrations. I just didn’t understand what was going on in this beautiful holy place. Then I discovered there have been three great souls, very highly spiritual, who were born in this place.”

All these Sahaja Yogis who have come from France, from Austria, Algeria, they have come of their own; I never asked them. They feel responsible, especially for Africa. They have been after Me, “Mother, you must go to Africa, you must do something for Africa, but that’s the only continent we have not touched so far”. And they were overjoyed when I said, “All right, I’ll go to Tunisia.”

There is a special subtle understanding of a great tremendous joy in giving realizations to others. You don’t feel you have done anything. You don’t feel you have redeemed others. But such joy is felt within yourself. That cannot be described unless and until you yourself achieve self-realizations of others.”
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 12 November 1994, Public Program, Tunis, Tunisia

“So now you have to realize your importance as the mothers of this country. Whatever Mohammed Saheb has done is to respect women. He has written more about Christ’s Mother than it is written in the Bible. For Her chastity, nobody should challenge, He says. In Sahaja Yoga you will know who They were: who was Fatima, who was Hazrat Ali, who was Mohammed Saheb. All the subtle side of these great Incarnations you will know, and you will get proof. It is a tangible thing, absolutely tangible. Thus you have to believe but for that, first you should grow in Sahaja Yoga. In India women, are regarded as the shakti, the power. I can see it here that simply because of you people showing your personality, this country is very balanced.

So just think of your responsibility. You can do a lot to change the fate of many women who are suffering. I was very happy to come here. Not only that, but the vibrations were so great, and flowing, that I just couldn’t even sit. So many were there, in this Divine vibrations. You are people of great Divine value; respect yourself. Respect your value system. Tell your children how to be respectable. You can do it. I know you have great capacity. I am all with you. As you have suggested, I have made my residence here for Myself. (Great outbursts of joy and applause from audience.)”
13 November 1994, Tunis Ladies’ Public Program, Tunis, Tunisia

“It has been in so many countries I have seen, people have taken to it very, very fast. Surprising, in Africa which is not supposed to be very developed country, it’s good because thousands have got realization. Those who are developed have gone beyond the point of ascent, I think. That must be the point, they have to come back from that developed state to this state from where they can rise. And so the people who have, though got realization, are not ascending so fast as the people who are not yet so much advanced and modernized.”

“Like the other day I heard from Africa that people become invisible suddenly. There was coup d’Ãtat and the President is Sahaja yogi – he became invisible, nobody could find him; because they are very much surrendered, they are so much surrendered that they get advantage of My powers. You all should use My powers also, of protection. This protection power is very, very strong, specially for people who are very much in Sahaja Yoga, who are very much there. So must have first of all complete faith in yourself that you are Sahaja yogis – but not the ego. “Sahaja yogis” means you cannot have ego.

5th May 2002, Sahasrara Day Puja, Cabella, Italy

Music of Joy Team