Music, Dance, Drama, Joy & Love at Easter 2018

Dear yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Further to the message from the entertainment team sent on early this week (see below), we would like to forward again as well as provide the form to be completed by each act to assist the entertainment team with arranging and presenting the acts.

Completed forms should be sent to  [email protected]

Warm regards,
Lyn and Andre

Date: 19th March, 2018

Subject: Music, Dance, Drama, Joy and Love at Easter 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji!

We’re all counting down the days to what promises to be an incredible weekend of collectivity and Shri Mataji’s Love at the 2018 Easter Weekend National Seminar.

We have already received a number of items for the Entertainment programs and thank you to all who have sent their information.

Entertainment programs on Easter Friday & Saturday

The two main nights to share Shri Mataji’s love through music, dance and drama are Friday 30th April and Saturday 31st April. There will also be some opportunities after the Easter Puja on Sunday 1st April, during the Mehndi ceremony.

If you would like to perform at one of the entertainment evenings, please complete the Performers Information form and hand in during registration or send to [email protected]

To encircle our Country in loving attention, let’s try and have at least one performance from each state. Also, if anyone is aware of Yogis from overseas who are wishing to perform, please get them to send an email advising the details of their performance. It is possible if we get swamped with too many acts that some items may not go ahead, but we will try our level best to accommodate all performers.

Volunteers needed

We also need some volunteers to assist with:
– Assisting with Stage Crew duties (between 2 – 4 Yogis per night)
– Sound desk operation throughout the weekend.

Last year, we also had some musicians playing for 30 minutes leading into morning meditation each day at the seminar. If you would be available to make a contribution, please send an email as per below (it doesn’t have to be an Indian Classical Raga).

A few requests to performers

If you are using a backing track, please supply this to the sound desk on CD, USB or laptop/tablet. There can often be problems with phones, so please prepare an alternate source/device. Don’t forget to bring a charging cable for you laptop/tablet. Internet is not really available in the Puja Hall, so please make other arrangements.

Again we please ask you to complete the Performers Information form and hand it in during registration. Copies of the forms will also be available down at Balmoral during the weekend.

Please forward any queries or information about acts to: [email protected]

Easter Entertainment Team and NSW Councillors