Early Morning Meditations – Join the “21 Day Diwali Challenge”

Early Morning Meditations – 21 Day Diwali Challenge

Hosted by the various Australian States
Wednesday 20th October to Tuesday 9th November 2021
Every day at 5:30am ~ 6:30am (Sydney time)
5:30am ACT, NSW, TAS & VIC • 5am SA • 4:30am QLD, 4am NT • 2:30am in WA
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More about the 21 Day Diwali Challenge.

This event is part of Sahaja Yoga Australia’s ‘Collective Growth in Sahaja’ Series.


About the Morning Meditations – 21 Day Diwali Challenge

During November, we cerebrate Diwali – the festival of light. During Diwali, we celebrate the enlightenment of human beings through Kundalini awakening and Self Realisation, and the joy of God’s love by worshipping of our Divine Mother, Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, in Her aspect of Shri Lakshmi.

What is the 21 Day Challenge?

To help us prepare for this auspicious event, we invite the collective to participate in our national 21 Day Diwali Challenge of early morning meditations which commence each day at 5:30am, Sydney time.

The first session will start Wednesday 20th October 2021.

The daily meditations will be presented by different Yogis from each Australian State on Zoom and YouTube.

Recordings for different time zones

Each session will be recorded on YouTube, so yogis in other time zones will be able to participate in the challenge by watching the day’s recording at 5:30am, in their local time zone, or earlier.

Benefit of early meditations

Shri Mataji has often spoken about the importance of early morning meditations for our spiritual growth and has highlighted the depth of some country collectives can be attributed to their commitment to their early morning meditations.

During Shri Mataji’s Bhavasagara Puja in Brisbane 1991, She described how Austria and Germany have achieved great heights in Sahaja Yoga because of their early morning meditations.


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