Burwood Ashram open for Sunday meditations 6th Dec 2020

Burwood Ashram will be open for Sunday meditations
(Working within the NSW Covid Guidelines)

Sunday 6th December from 11am to 1pm
(Restricted to max of 20 people)

Dear Yogis,
Jai Shri Mataji!

Burwood Ashram will be available this coming Sunday for collective meditation from 11am to 1pm, for a maximum of 20 yogis. Yogis must register to attend (see link below). We are hoping that everyone will get an opportunity to participate in these events over the next few weeks.

Please note that, if you have already attended a Sunday meditation at Burwood to please give others priority.  You can book again, but please wait until Saturday before you book, to give those who have not had an opportunity to attend a better chance of making a successful booking.

With the decrease in community transfer of COVID and the easing of restrictions in NSW, it is the opportune time that we recommence in a limited capacity meeting at Burwood for meditation to worship, offer Puja and meditate together in person at Burwood.

Below is important information for those wishing to visit Burwood Ashram on Sunday.


Registration required to attendance

Within the current provisions in NSW, up to 20 visitors are allowed to visit a household in addition to the residents. Those wishing to take part must book to indicate their attendance using the link below. You will receive a confirmation of your attendance via email and a link to the Life Eternal Trust Covid-19 return to Burwood Community Use Guidelines. Please read the Guidelines to ensure you are familiar with them and adhere to these important provisions.

Visitors cannot exceed 20

The numbers of visitors cannot exceed 20 in attendance. It is with the understanding that we all need to comply with the directions of the Burwood residents, NSW Councillor or Trustees to leave Burwood if the numbers exceed 20 or if the guidelines shared for our health and safety are not followed.

Registration & Booking

Those wishing to visit Burwood must book to indicate their attendance using the link below.


IMPORTANT – Arriving and leaving Burwood

  • Please do not arrange a pick up or drop off point in front of No 10 Clarence St as we need to ensure we maintain a low profile with our neighbours.
  • Yogis need to enter and exit Burwood from the side passage near the pre-school. Please don’t use the driveway entrance.
  • Please enter and exit Burwood quietly also with respect to our neighbours. 
  • Also please arrive at 11am sharp and leave on time before 1pm – it is important we are all disciplined with our visit to Burwood.

Other information

Please enjoy the vibrations of Burwood Ashram and your time at Shri Mataji’s Temple.
NSW Sahaja Council and LETA Trustees 

 Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi with Her children in Burwood 2007

NSW Sahaja Council and LETA Trustees 

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