Balmoral Renewal Project – Letter from Rural Fire Brigade & Progress photos

Thank you letter to NSW Alpine/Aylmerton Rural Fire Brigade
Progress update with photos

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Last weekend, we received the letter below from Mark Cupitt, the Captain of the Alpine Aylmerton Rural Fire Brigade in the NSW Southern Highlands, who shared the role his fire brigade played in assisting the local Balmoral Village brigade on 19th December 2019 when the bushfires swept through Balmoral Village threatening the 150 homes in the area and our Balmoral property.
At the end of the day, 20 homes were lost in the village. As the fires threatened Balmoral Village and the surrounding properties, as fate would decree, Mark and his team came to our Balmoral property just as the fires had consumed the outlying sheds and workshops and were threatening our main buildings. Their intervention was planned just so they could save our property from the catastrophe. 
On behalf our collective, Life Eternal Trust has written to Mark and the Alpine/Aylmerton Rural Fire Brigade to thank them for the efforts to help save our Balmoral property. See our letter below.
We also shared some images of the progress of our Balmoral Renewal project to return to the property to its condition before the fire to share with the brigade

As shared in our letter to Mark, once the Covid restrictions are eased around social gatherings, we will host the Alpine/Aylmerton and Balmoral Village Rural Fire Brigade and their families to lunch at our property so we can properly express our appreciation for all that they did on behalf of our collective. It is great that we were able to get into contact and we look forward to building the relationship with them.

Above – Letter from Mark Cupitt, the Captain of the Alpine/Aylmerton Rural Fire Brigade in the NSW Southern Highlands.
Download Letter.

Above – Life Eternal Trust Australia’s letter to Mark Cupitt.
Download Letter


Project update for this week

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  • Work to commence work on the new screening hedge on the southern border and Railway Pde and a new fence to be built.
  • Reviewed the work remaining for the Shed: Clad the walls, Install the rood, Install guttering, Install Water Tanks, Fit the roller doors, Run power, Install the lights, Add new Concrete entry driveways.
  • Wood burner in the kitchen is broken and needs replacing – looking for the best deal we can get but this needs replacing.
  • Pergola contributed as a gift by Raelene, thank you Raelene for your generous gift. This will be constructed as a new Havan space in the location between the Kitchen and the Dam where the Havans used to take place.
  • Oven in the kitchen is broken need to be repaired.
  • Children’s wooden adventure play area will be constructed to replace the current space, with a mind to both safety and duty of care, support from the parents requested.
  • Dining tables in the kitchen are well past their use date, looking for a new replacement.
  • The carpets in the Puja Hall are second hand and worn and are not appropriate for a Temple to Shri Mataji – looking at options for new carpets.
  • All the chairs in the Puja Hall are second hand leftovers, well past their use date – looking for new replacements and options.
  • Bindi-eye weed plaque has infested all the grassed areas making it difficult to sit on the grass or walk barefoot, contractor to be engaged to resolve this for all the property.

Easter Puja 2018 Balmoral NSW

The Balmoral Project Team.

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