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Friday's Burwood program now moved to Balmoral for 26th January.

Friday’s Burwood program now moved to Balmoral for 26th January.

/ Burwood, NSW
Dear Family, This Friday’s Australia Day Program, that was planned for Burwood, has now been moved to Balmoral for this Friday 26th January. Group 9 will host the program at 12:00pm followed by lunch. Please bring food to share. We will then mark the day with an Australia Day/Indian Republic Day cricket match. On Saturday and Sunday, there is even more opportunity to enjoy the collective as the working bee continues. There are many activities to participate in as we work together to make Balmoral ready to welcome our brothers and sisters from all over the world for the Easter Seminar. We also need cooking support over the weekend. If you can assist with catering one of the meals, please
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Shri Ganesha Jayanti Birthday 2018 - Sunday 21st January.

Shri Ganesha Jayanti Birthday 2018 – Sunday 21st January.

/ Deities, National
Dear Family, ​Jai Shri Mataji! Sunday 21st January, is Shri Ganesha Jayanti ('Shri Ganesha's Birthday"), which occurs every year on the 4th Moon day after No Moon in the month of Maagh (January/February). Shri Mataji has held numerous Shri Ganesha Pujas on this auspicious day. In Australia, Shri Mataji held a Public Program in Fremantle, Western Australia on Shri Ganesha Jayanti in 1992 and then held Shri Ganesha Puja at Her Gidgegannup Ashram the following day. Let us pray to Shri Ganesha for His Blessings, for divine wisdom, innocence and divine dynamism. Let us humbly request Shri Ganesha to allow us to know his special qualities. We should all wish for divine wisdom to spread throughout the World Collective, for
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New Australian Newsletter Items - January 2018

New Australian Newsletter Items – January 2018

/ Australian Newsletter
Dear Yogis, a number of new items have just been added to the Australian Sahaja Yoga Newsletter which you may enjoy. To view Newsletter, go to: The Newsletter has the following items... Buddha Puja - Vietnam 25th to 27th May 2018 Sahaja Yoga Weddings at Shri Mataji Maha Mary Jesus Puja Regional Easter Seminar - Australia - 2018 Clarifications around Australian Marriage Celebrations 2018 Invitation to:- Easter Puja, Sahaja Yoga Marriages, Wellness and Clearing Camp, Trip to Uluru Easter Puja Seminar details Recollections from a previous visit to Uluru Rumours and Facts Param Chytaitanya Puja Seminar - 21st to 23rd February 2018 at Shri Adi Shakti Peetha - Nirmal Dham - Delhi - India American Tour 18th to 29th
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Volunteering for Easter Seminar Teams & Video

Volunteering for Easter Seminar Teams & Video

/ Easter Seminar 2018, National, Pujas
Dear Family, Volunteer! Thank you to all the Yogis who have already volunteered for the Easter Seminar Groups!! If you have yet to volunteer here is the link again to the online volunteering form. We really encourage Yogis from all around Australia to get involved in your national seminar! There are so many different ways we can all help to make this Easter Puja Seminar special. Yogis are able to volunteer for as many teams as they wish. Download the responsibilities for each team. You are also able to view who has already volunteered for each team by following the link at the top of the online volunteering form. Many teams have already started meeting so please add you name
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Happy Makar Sankranti! - Sunday 14 January, 2018

Happy Makar Sankranti! – Sunday 14 January, 2018

/ National, Pujas, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Dear Family, ​We wish you all a happy Makar Sankranti for tomorrow! Let us all pray on this holy day for our hearts to be completely opened and for all our conditionings and ego to disappear. Let us commit to dedicating ourselves to meditation and surrender ourselves to Sahaj Collectivity. Shri Surya Puja Video Talk, Sankranti, Mumbai, India, 10 January 1988 "So in the whole evolutionary process the Mother Earth has played a very big part through her axis. In the same way in human beings, the axis is the most important thing. That's the main principle of life we have got, is our axis. We have to stand on our axis. Those who do not stand on their axis,
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Balmoral Working Bee Weekend - 20/21 January, 2018.

Balmoral Working Bee Weekend – 20/21 January, 2018.

/ Balmoral, NSW
Dear family, To begin preparing Balmoral for the Easter Seminar, we are having a working bee next weekend (20 & 21 January). Yogis may like to come for the whole weekend or either Saturday or Sunday. Saturday night program will be held at Balmoral with Group 8, starting at around 5:30pm. There will be no formal program at Burwood, however Mother’s temple will be open for meditation. The working bee will begin at 10 am on Saturday. Please bring something to share for Saturday lunch. All other meals will be organised. Jai Shri Mataji! With love, NSW Councillors
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