Guru Puja 2021 – Upload videos

Upload performances and greetings.

Australian Guru Puja 2021 – Music and Entertainment night
Saturday 24th July 2021

  • Performances can be songs, dance, music, poetry, etc.
  • Please ensure recordings have good audio quality with no background noise.
  • Please submit items by Thursday 22nd July 2021. Thank you!
  • Kindly note that while we will try to incorporate as many submissions as possible, it may not be logistically possible to include every performance.
  • Also, since online platforms (such as YouTube) penalise for broadcast of copyrighted material (e.g. commercial music run in background of a performance / dance), we sincerely request all our family to provide genuinely original content only.
  • If you need any support to upload your files then please email us at [email protected]


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