Enjoy Sahaj Unity – Meditating together as One

Enjoy Sahaj Unity
Meditating together as One

Today Sunday 16th January 2022
11pm Sydney time • 1pm Cabella time

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Please see the initiative below for regular global collective meditations in preparation for Shri Mataji’s 100th Birthday celebrations in 2023.

Kind regards,

To: Country Coordinators
Subject: Enjoy Sahaj Unity

Dear brothers and sisters,

We would like to ask you to disseminate the following information about the new initiative in your collectives.

And it would be wonderful if many of us would meet and meditate together and gradually develop these meditations and enjoing together into a great wave of unity that would please our Mother.

Thank you.

Lots of Mother’s Blessings in the new year!
With Love,

The Friendship of Love Video


Enjoy Sahaj Unity

Today Sunday 16th January 2022
11pm Sydney time • 1pm Cabella time



Please put the date in your diary and pass this message on to all yogis via (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, emails etc etc)

“And they all believe in the same thing, their ideas are the same, their thinking is the same, their joy is the same, and they enjoy each other very much. They become one, and this oneness has to be established fully in Sahaja Yoga.”
H.H. Shri Mataji – Shri Ganesha Puja 1998

Our Beloved Mother is very much pleased when She sees Her children together as one loving family and as one loving collective, so it would be wonderful if we the Global Sangha can come together on 16th January 2022 meditating together as One.

It would be an auspicious start to the new year.

Let us connect across the globe, let every Sahaj Country join together and become one United Collective as part of the 100th Birthday celebrations. We wish to have regular global meditations such as this until the 21st March 2023 Her Holiness Shri Mataji’s 100th Birthday.

How does this meditation work?

  • It begins initially with a short Zoom collective meditation.
  • Then yogis are randomly split into Zoom breakout rooms to further mediate in small groups of 4/5 for around 15/20 minutes and then returning to the main group for a final collective exchange. 
  • The smaller groups of 4/5 yogis, spontaneously determine what they wish to meditate on, or if they wish to work on each other, vibrationally work on a particular global matter or remain in deep silence.
  • It is a great way in which to communicate with our brothers & sisters who we have never met before but know that we are cells in Our Holy Mother’s Body.
  • It is a truly nourishing experience.


Details for future meeting dates: www.enjoysahajunity.love

Much Love
From the Enjoy Sahaj Unity Team





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  1. Dr. Saumya Hinduja

    A Beautiful Initiative Indeed , Inspired By Her Holiness ❤️

    Many Thanks To Our Siblings Globally For Putting In All Efforts To Stand In Solidarity 🙏🏻

    Many – Many Thanks To Our Beloved Mother For Granting Us The Strength Of A Universal Being That We Are 🙏🏻

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