Balmoral Project Update – 28th Sept 2020

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji! 

Significant progress has been made since our last update. Please find the latest news with photos and new projects that need collective attention and assistance:

In this update:

  • Current progress and photos
  • Collective working weekend October 11th and 12th
  • New adventure Children’s play area.
  • Young people at heart Soccer Goals
  • Landscaping.

Current progress & photos

Work continuing at pace.  The steel frames for the walls erected, steel frame or the roof underway. Planning  is underway for the next major phase being the  cladding of the the walls and the roof. Progress is on schedule to completed in 2-4 weeks.

Entrance Portal
Brick work for the two new portal Gates is almost complete, measuring and production of the steel gates for  the Railway Pde entrance is underway.

Trench digger on site and new trenches dug for the power lines to the new Workshop, car park lighting and mains power completed. Work to replace the sprinkler outflows for the water treatment plan has commenced and is a priority task.

Landscaping has begun with the plantings around some of the major areas where trees were destroyed by the fire. Preparation has begun for the planting of a new screening along Railway Pde to provide more privacy. New screening hedge needs to be established along the boundary with the northern neighbour. The previous hedge has not recovered after the fire.

Water tanks
Two new water tanks are being purchased to replace two damaged by the bush fires.

Ongoing news
You can also see ongoing Balmoral project news here.

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Collective working weekend October 11th and 12th   

Our Sahaja Builders have asked for a major Collective working weekend over the weekend of October 11th and 12th. Our builders have shared that the Project is going well. There is much work to be done. Our builder cannot complete the Project without the assistance of the collective to help to keep the Project progressing.

There is much labour intensive cleaning and filling of skips to help clean the property. There are also two key Projects to replace young children’s play equipment and to replace the destroyed soccer goals. The parents of the young children and Yuvas could champion and take ownership of these Projects  given our  builders are fully  involved with the major construction work for the  project.

If you wish to assist for several weekends and/or can stay for a time and assist with the Project please write to:

If you can come for an extended time, or just a few days to help out this will be greatly appreciated.

New adventure Children’s play area.

The current children’s play area has been a much loved and used play area for our children since Balmoral was established. It is coming to the end of its use and the play equipment  needs to be replaced. As a rural property an adventure children’s play area could be established championed by the parents.

Download ideas for children’s play equipment.

There is ample space at Balmoral and the document below has some great ideas of using wood and other natural materials to build something engaging, innovative and exciting for our children. To discuss how you may contribute please contact Andrii [email protected]

Young people at heart Soccer Goals

Our much loved Soccer Goals at the end of the Balmoral playing field were lost to the fires. Another great idea for a  Dad’s Project. If some of our Dad’s would like to get together to build some new Goals please contact Adam [email protected] .


There will also be a collective gardening and major landscaping work taken on over the working weekend.  The main purpose will be to  plant the northern boundary fence line with natives . The previous hedge which provided us with privacy with our immediate neighbour was destroyed by the fire. We will be seeking to undertake the new plantings to  re establish a new hedge. There will also be plantings needed for the new beds. Weeds around the waste water treatment plant need to be removed. Jacob our lead landscaper will be ordering the plants in the coming weeks in preparation.

If you would like to be involved with the landscaping efforts at please contact Jacob [email protected]

With Love
Balmoral Project Team



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