The Well Project

The Well Project

We would like to launch The Well Project as another pathway for our Australian Collective to place their Collective enlightened attention on the success of our vital weekly public programs.

The Well Project involves program organisers filling out a simple Google Form which can then track the number of Self-Realisations, new people returning to public programs and the number of Yogis attending weekly programs. We can then update the Collective on our weekly public programs.

Let’s all work together this year  within this amazing country of Mooladhara to enable our public programs to be deep wells in which many new people receive their Self-Realisation and establish in Sahaja Yoga.

We recognise the consistent efforts of Yogis in our family who hold weekly public programs to give Self-Realisation and develop Sahaja Yogis. This is the solid foundation upon which activities to spread Sahaja Yoga have been built.

As a Collective let’s continue to support our public programs both with attention and our physical presence!

How you can help

In order to collect the information about new people and Yogis attending public programs two different forms need to be filled in:

(1) We need Yogis holding public programs to fill in a form with their public program details (only once!). Please choose which Yogi holding the public program will fill this form and this should be the same person who will fill out the weekly attendance details in the second form below.  Filling in the details such as suburb, address etc is a one-off activity which will very useful for the web team as it will create a national public program database which can be used to drive multiple initiatives associated with websites, mobile apps, google maps etc.

This form needs to be filled out first, otherwise the holder of the public program will not be able to select their public program in the second form below!

Note that after completing the form an email is automatically sent to the email address entered in this form so that details can be reviewed, and if necessary, changed.   Please fill this in as soon as possible so that you can start receiving the second form (see below).

(2) Holders of public programs will start receiving weekly emails every Saturday for the program that they are responsible for (once 1st form above is completed).   These emails will contain a link to the second form, the weekly public program attendance details form.  This form will require Yogis to fill in some simple information, including how many non-yogis attended for the first time, how many non-yogis re-attended, how many yogis attended to support the program.

Where public programs have not taken place that week this can be indicated in the form. The form should be filled out promptly as it changes automatically every Sunday at midnight. So you must enter the details of your public program in the same week the program takes place.

This data about number of Self-Realisations, new people attending and Yogis attending will then be displayed in graphical form and made available for the Australian Collective to place their Collective attention on. Have a look at the chart of last week’s attendance data.

The form is really quite simple to fill out so we are confident all Yogis, no matter how non-technical they may be, can do it!

Questions about the project

If you have any questions about the project please speak to your local Councillors.  If you have any technical questions relating to filling in the forms then please send an email to [email protected].

Q1. Can we fill in the weekly attendance form (2nd form above) straight after our program, or do we have to wait until we receive our weekly reminder email?

A.  You can fill in the form straight after your program if you like. Just make sure you fill it in before Sunday midnight, as the date on the form changes to the next week after that.

Q2. How do we make changes to the public program details once we have entered them?

A. Just click on this link to retrieve your public program details, select your program and click on ‘Public Program Organiser’ under ‘User Category’, click ‘Submit’ and you will be sent an email with a link that you can use to modify your program details.  When you click on the link all the details that you entered previously will appear in the form and you can make any changes required and re-submit the form.

Q3. Are we storing only one week of data?

A. No, we are storing all the data ever since we started collecting it. We will develop further graphs using this data over time.

Inspiration for the Well Project

The Well Project is inspired by the talk given by HH Shri Mataji in the Los Angeles Ashram on the 3rd December 2000:

Audio and Transcript of Talk

Click here to listen to the audio recording of the talk.

How many people have you given realization? You have to count it. Because after a certain state of your achievement, you become very creative, extremely creative. At this age also I am working, but what I find, once you get your realization, you are settled down with yourself and you become like a monk. We don’t want to have monks and priests. 

 What do we want to have? Sahaja Yogis who will talk about Sahaja Yoga to people, who will develop Sahaja Yoga and create more Sahaja Yogis. So you have to count how many Sahaja Yogis you have created.

So, as I was saying we can have – what is this center called? – in Santa Monica, you can take two days. One day you can have it for the new comers, and one day for all the Sahaja Yogis. And, at least twenty-five Sahaja Yogis must go to Santa Monica on the first day and should be all of you next day. Because, unless and until you do that way, it won’t strengthen. We call it sangha shakti, is the collective power which you should have. And, you see, if somebody has problems – if somebody is say, I would say, that is not understanding, is not going deep, is new comer and all that – so let them come on Saturdays. You can answer them; you can explain to them; you can make them understand.

And, you will be amazed that even things like this Internet business – I’m very happy in a way, because all those who were useless have gone. It’s the Last Judgement! So this is the best way, that they have gone away. Now new people can come. But it’s a very good thing that has happened; but still these people wanted, so we have written a very beautiful answer to it and that we’ll read it.

So now you have to just now promise within yourself that you will attend Santa Monica – or any one center that you have. Is a simple thing to understand that if you have to dig the well, you don’t go on putting holes everywhere, but in one place only you make a big effort. And there is a center which everyone knows. They all come there, and you meet there. But you have to be extremely positive, extremely positive with the new people.

All right, so thank you very much for everything. Now, whatever I have said, it’s not only for Los Angeles, for all the Americans, for all the world. But especially for Los Angeles, I found out a solution like that. And, next time when I come, I would like to see much more, many more Sahaja Yogis. We will have a program. And then, you should take down their names, their addresses – get after them. And, it will work out.
I’m sure we’ll grow very much here, and nothing to worry that it’s very superficial or it’s more the cinema and all that. Nothing to do. It will definitely work out, I am sure, but you must have that intent and intense feeling of doing it. It will work out.
HH Shri Mataji, How to Proceed, Talk to Sahaja Yogis, LA Ashram, USA, 3 December 2000

Lyn and Andre on behalf of the Australian Council

Because what is the purpose, what is the purpose? The purpose is to spread Sahaja Yoga. That’s the main thing we miss out that the purpose of our Realisation or of our birth, is to give Realization to others, to spread Sahaja Yoga, to emancipate others, by that we emancipate the whole world. It’s our responsibility.
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Guru Puja, 19 July, 1992, Cabella, Italy