Swimming in Dams and Rivers on all Collective properties.

Swimming in dams and rivers on all collective properties

No longer allowed
Dear Family,Jai Shri Mataji!

This is the time each year when we renew our Sahaja Yoga Public Liability Insurance cover for Public Programs and hosting events at all Sahaja Yoga Australian properties. 

Each year, the challenges with securing this insurance cover becomes increasing difficult as there are few Insurance companies who are willing to insure the range of our collective activities. 

The team of Yogis working for this outcome, have just submitted the new Life Eternal Trust Australina (LETA) Insurance liability application to cover all our Sahaja Yoga collective activities to our Insurance underwriter.

We have had to indicate that LETA is not able to underwrite the risk of Swimming in any Dams or Rivers on any of collective properties including the dam at Balmoral. This is due to the need to adhere to the Australian Swim Safe Guidelines around swimming in dams . To meet this standard we would  need to provide an on duty suitably qualified Life Guard at all  times around the bodies of water when Yogis choose swim. 

From this date, LETA  advises the collective that Swimming in the Dam and Rivers on all collective properties is no longer allowed, and anyone who chooses to does so, understands this is at their own risk and accepts that LETA bears no responsibility. 


Please contact your councilors if you have any questions.

Kind regards
Your Councillors and Trustees,


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