Shivaratri Puja & Clearing Workshop – Balmoral Saturday 6th March 2021

Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!

The property is looking beautiful with all the rain.  It was great to see yuvas and uncles and aunties helping in the garden with mulching and other activities this past weekend.  Work is also continuing with the shed and it’s good to see everything coming together so well.  

We also had a wonderful clearing session with Jenny and this paved the way to an enjoyable and nurturing program.

We are once again fortunate to have a clearing session with Dr Nayana at 12 pm, so please take advantage of this opportunity to clear before the puja, it makes such a difference.

By Shri Mataji’s grace we will again be holding Shivaratri puja at Balmoral at 2 pm and we pray to Her that we may imbibe the qualities of Lord Shiva within us through this puja.

The cooking team is short of yogis, please contact Jenny on 0425 324 265 to help.

Roster groups:

  • Set up: Lotus
  • Cooking: Lilac
  • Washing up: Pansy
  • Dismantle: Hibiscus

Caution about dams and children at Balmoral

Please ensure that the gate leading to the dams is kept closed as our dams are quite full now.  Please use the small gate if you wish to access the dams. In addition, can parents please keep an eye on their young children, as always.

COVID Guidelines:

Following current COVID guidelines we can have 370 yogis in the hall, so please come and enjoy!

Please scan the QR barcode when you get to Balmoral. Details on how to scan the QR barcode at Balmoral using the COVID app at Balmoral are here.

It is important for all yogis attending programs at Balmoral to become familiar with the requirements for taking part in this event by going through the safety guidelines here.

Please register for the program (blue link below) so that we have your details for contact tracing if the QR code is not available.


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Mahashivaratri Puja Newcastle-1992

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