NSW Collective purchase of a Hall

NSW collective purchase of a Hall for hosting our collective meetings: seeking your support!

Dear Yogis,
Jai Shri Mataji !

Happy New Year  to all Yogis and we hope everyone is enjoying a good break to start 2021!

Similarly an exciting new proposal has been presented to the collective to start the New Year with the sale of a former Church in Earlwood.

We would like to present this to the collective for your support to establish a new permanent Sydney Meeting place where we can host all of our weekly collective meetings. It is  unlikely that we will ever be able to return to our prior unrestricted use of No. 10 Clarence Street for our large collective meetings.

Burwood  Ashram will become a shrine for personal introspection, worship and meditation as has evolved this last year.  This leaves us to consider paying rent each week to hire a Hall which we share will all manner of other groups and the challenges this poses to properly establishing Shri Mataji’s presence for our community in our own meeting place. Or to purchase a Hall which is  already established as a place of worship. Where we will have no further problems hosting meetings and events which serve the needs of our community upon a permanent basis in our own home.


We  met with the agent this weekend at the Church Hall to look at the building.  We all feel it is perfect to become the  new Sydney Sahaja Yoga Centre to host all our collectives meetings,  Yuva and Children’s programs. It needs a little renovation work to reconfigure it for our needs. Our builders estimate that this work is not major or significant.

There is another offer on the table from another Church group to purchase the Hall subject to finance approval. This could come through at any time in the next week. To purchase this property we would need to offer above $1,750,000, which is close to the average cost of a home in the inner west of Sydney.

We are approaching our bank to see how much they would loan us to purchase the property. We would need to raise a deposit of at least 10% or $175,000 to consider making an offer.

We need to move quickly to see if we can raise the deposit. We can only do so with a further expression of the generous support of the NSW collective. If you support the purchase of this property to establish a permanent Meeting place in Sydney for our collective, please email the NSW Council at [email protected] with your financial pledge towards a deposit and share any feedback.

Questions & Answers

Read the latest collective questions raised by the collective and responses from the NSW Councillors. Read here

Thank you for your consideration.

With love, Sahaja Yoga NSW Council and Trustees.

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