New Australian Newsletter Items – November 2018

Dear Yogis

Jai Shri Mataji!

Please see some lovely additions to our Australian Newsletter for your enjoyment!

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Featured items

HH Shri Mataji’s Wamuran Puja Temple
Firstly, there are some wonderful images of the HH Shri Mataji’s Wamuran Puja Temple taking shape! The first images are the taking down of the old beloved Puja Hall and then the pouring of the new slab and beginning of the erecting of the new Puja Hall.

As a National Project funded by Australian Yogis from all parts of this country it is fantastic to see the Temple being constructed.

Invitation to Indonesian Sahaja Yoga Tour
Secondly, please see an invitation from the Indonesian Councillors to attend a Sahaja Yoga Tour in January. It would be wonderful for Australian Yogis to support our Indonesian brothers and sisters both by being there and also vibrationally as they prepare for the Tour and promotions.

Cabella School
A request for help from Cabella School,

India Tour
The excitement of the upcoming MOJ India Tour.

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