Balmoral Project Update, Working Bee & Urgent Call for Volunteers – Update 21st Sept 2020

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji! 

Balmoral Project Update

The Balmoral Project has been underway for two months. Significant progress has been made to undertake work to repair the bushfire damage to our property.  

To re-insure the Balmoral property, we must make good all the damage done to the property.  You can keep up to date with the progress of the Project by visiting our Yogis site where progress can be tracked with photos and stories each week. 

Below is a short video of our progress. You can also see ongoing Balmoral project news here.

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Balmoral Renewal Project – Update 6th September 2020 (Duration 3mins 30secs)

Government Grant funds

Some of the funds secured from Government Grants were used to :

  • purchase a new  tractor to replace the one lost to the fire;
  • install a new kitchen in the cottage;
  • purchase new trees for around the cottage; and
  • purchase a new rural shed kit.

When constructed the new shed will replace infrastructure lost in the fire. This new building will serve as a workshop and maintenance building. Images from this week show the work preparing the ground works for the concrete slab and preparing the frame. Funds will also be used to replace entrance gates which were destroyed by the fire.

Please keep visiting the site to keep updated with progress of the Project. We will update the site each week with new photos.

Thanks for the  collective support for the Working Bee

Over the weekend of September 12th and 13th there was a collective working Bee at Balmoral focussed on landscaping and beginning the plantings to create new garden areas particularly around Shri Mataji’s cottage where the bushfire destroyed a number of trees. The screening Hedge adjoining our neighbours was also destroyed so another day will be planned to plant a new hedge.
A new screening hedge is also planned along Railway Parade. Jacob and his team of enthusiastic volunteers had a great weekend working together amongst the good earth and much was achieved over the weekend.  Below are photos from the working bee and completed caretaker’s kitchen.

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Urgent Call for NSW / ACT Yogi Volunteers .

Adam Potts and Matthew Cooper are assisting with the Project. They have asked that a call be made at this time for Yogis to:

  • be professionally engaged; and
  • provide volunteer assistance.

The frame for the new building is being prepared after which the walls will be clad. This is a large job and labour intensive.

If Yogis wish to volunteer to assist now is a good time, particularly over the next few weeks. Your support will make a significant difference to the Balmoral Project.

If you wish to assist for several weekends and/or can stay for a time and assist with the Project please write to:

If you can come for an extended time, or just a few days to help out this will be greatly appreciated.

Shared experience shows that Sahaja building projects work out best through the good will and the support of the Collective.  Projects of this nature work out many positive developments for the Collective. 

With Love
Balmoral Project Team


HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Guru Puja Balmoral 4th July 2020

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